Pot Baumgarten van Astenrode

A new approach to folk and jazz

Pot Baumgarten van Astenrode

The Music

Pot Baumgarten van Astenrode have their own personal approach to folk and jazz. Their music is mainly grounded in the European tradition, with influences from the USA and other countries. They play originals. Every member contributes compositions, but most of them are written by Peter Pot, the guardian of the European heritage of this band.

diatonic accordion feast


Peter Pot

The way Peter Pot plays on the diatonic accordion, it is a subtle and arty instrument. At times PeterPot lets his instrument whisper, but it can also swing and growl under his hands. He has an unique approach to improvisation. Peter Pot is generally considered to be one of the best diatonic accordion players in Holland.

Philip Baumgarten

Philip Baumgarten (double bass and bass guitar) is a longtime collaborator with Peter Pot. Apart from that, he has always played jazz with a lot of enthusiasm and dedication. The jazz duo cd The Hurricane Session that Philip Baumgarten made with American saxophonist Bob Anram, got 4,5 out of 5 stars in a review in Jazzism, Hollands most important jazz magazine. Philip Baumgarten also has his own site.

René van Astenrode

A few years ago René van Astenrode (drums, marimba and percussion) has joined this trio. René now also contributes compositions and arrangements. He is an outstanding jazz musician but feels at home in any style, which makes him an attractive guest in the many jazz sessions in the north of the Netherlands.

Izabel by Pot Baumgarten van Astenrode

Our brand new Pot Baumgarten van Astenrode album Izabel was delivered march 2022! If you are interested in buying this album, mail us.

The album Izabel in a delivery boc
Home, cd Pot Baumgarten van Astenrode

Izabel will be out march 11, but Home is our last album before Izabel. If you are interested in buying this album, mail us!

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Pot Baumgarten van Astenrode has a Dutch site.